Find your team's perfect fit with an Infinium ClearVue!

The VL4D offers convenience with a disposable blade/handle combo, while the VL3R offers reusable blades, both offer high-quality video with a large screen.

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Can Your Team Transport Children Safely?

Get the Set That Does It All: The ACR (Ambulance Child Restraint) Provides Safe Transport for Kids from 4-100 lbs.

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Reduce Risk with Smooth Transfers

The Mangar Supine Transfer System offers easy transfer of patients up to 1,100 lbs at the perfect height for an ambulance cot or bed. The assisted design reduces risk of injury to both the patient and the care provider.

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Redefine Airway Access with the Innovative Air-Q sp3G

This all silicone airway offers a self-pressurizing cuff with positive pressure ventilatory source with an extra-wide gastric inlet access with an ET Tube ramp that fits up to 18 FR tubes for easier intubation.

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Have Monitor, Will Travel!

Designed for the unique needs of the pre-hospital environment, the Athena GTX WVSM is now available with optional capnography, plus wireless monitoring up to 200 yards, compatibility with mobile devices, and more!

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