The patent-pending AerosoLess SafetyNeb Mask is a safer method for aerosol delivery. The mask has water-resistant viral filters designed to prevent exhaled pathogens from endangering Healthcare Workers. In addition, thanks to its patent-pending faceplate, it creates a CPAP-like tight seal with the patient’s face and significantly improves patient oxygenation.

The AerosoLess SafetyNeb Mask includes the patent-pending faceplate that optimizes the fit on the patient’s face thereby further substantially reducing the release of aerosolized particles into the surrounding atmosphere. This carefully engineered faceplate transforms a universal mask into a mask optimized for the individual patient by contouring to the individual’s facial features.

The AerosoLess line of medical products is designed to contain patients’ aerosols within their mask, in what we call their own “INvironment”. It therefore minimizes the effect on the environment of any harmful pathogens they may expel.

The AerosoLess SafetyNeb Mask Features:

  • Prevents the escape of harmful pathogens the patient might exhale
  • Provides a CPAP-like seal with the patient’s face
  • No loss of medication due to fugitive emissions
  • Significantly improves the delivery of aerosolized medications
  • Fitted with low airflow resistance viral/bacterial exhalation filters
  • FDA listed Class I mask
  • Made in the USA

System includes Mask, Faceplate, Nebulizer and Tubing

AerosoLess Filtered SafetyNeb Mask

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