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The Ambu Perfit ACE Cervical Collar is a unique adjustable collar. Combined with the Mini Perfit ACE these two collars offer an incredible 28 sizes ensuring that patients can now have the most effective and accurate fit ever.Made from radio translucent materials, the collar is packaged completely flat and has a unique chin-flip feature to ease airway management. Ambu Perfit ACE is a disposable adult adjustable collar for immobilizing the cervical column.

Ambu Perfit Ace is an adjustable collar designed to fit any adult with 16 different settings ranging from Neckless to Tall sizes.The Ambu Perfit ACE incorporates latches that allow the rescuer to size the collar exactly to the victim as neck size. Two safety lock buttons hold the collar in place when adjusted. Ambu Mini Perfit ACE is an adjustable collar designed to fit children and small adults, with 12 different settings to provide an accurate fit.

Ambu Perfit ACE Cervical Collar Features:

  • Stores completely flat
  • Radio translucent
  • Sizing line for easy and accurate sizing
  • Standard size markings on both Adult and Mini
  • Chin flip feature to ease airway management
  • Nasal cannula tubing holder support
  • Facilitates intubation
  • When shipped, the default position of the Adult ACE collar is in the neckless position, and the default position of the Mini ACE is the infant position

Ambu Perfit ACE

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  • Dimensions Adult

    21.8” x 8.5” x .6”
  • Dimensions Pediatric

    17.6” x 7.4” x .6”
  • Case Quantity

    30 Units