The Biomedix Selec-3® Multiple Drop I.V. Set Model B32-102 is designed with one needleless Y-site and one luer activated Y-site, and has a spin lock on the extension set. It is 82" long to handle almost every application. Biomedix developed the Selec-3® Multiple Drop I.V. Set, which is the first, unique patented I.V. drop regulating device in the world to offer three different drop settings engineered to save time, reduce inventory costs and minimize the risk of contamination.

The Biomedix Selec-3® Multiple Drop I.V. Set Model B32-102 Features:

  • Eliminates the need for multiple IV sets
  • With Selec-3® , EMTs select 1 of 3 calibrated drop volumes without having to break a line
  • Selec-3 features 2 "Y" port connections that allow a piggy back line and an open injection port for medication infusion
  • It features an infusion intervention site to eliminate the need for an extension set, enabling response to critical patients' needs faster and smoother
  • Selec-3 disconnects easily while maintaining its original infusion site and "Y" port

Biomedix Selec-3 Multiple Drop I.V. Set Model B32-102

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