CONMED Softrace Electrodes (Pedi/Neo) have pre-attached leadwires and are ideal for young children. These disposable monitoring systems minimize patient set-up time and reduce the risk of cross contamination or hospital acquired infections (HAI). These products provide excellent ECG trace quality and feature 2000MP Hydrogel. The soft cloth fabric material of the Softrace electrodes conforms well to the patient’s skin and provides optimum patient comfort. The Softrace electrodes are available in two sizes (pedi and neo). To help differentiate the two ECG Electrode sizes on the shelf, the pouch artwork has a different color ink (blue ink to identify the smaller size electrodes and pink ink to represent the larger size electrodes).

CONMED Softrace Electrodes (Pedi/Neo) Features:

  • Pedi/Neo electrodes with pre-attached leadwires
  • Soft cloth fabric backing conforms to the patient's skin for greater comfort
  • Color differentiates sizing for ease of use
  • Latex free
  • CONMED Softrace Electrodes (Pedi/Neo)

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