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The Ascensia COUNTOUR NEXT GEN Blood Glucose Monitoring System offers high accuracy with ease of use. This monitor includes all the features that are needed, from easy to read, large numbers on the display with oversized rubber buttons that can be used while wearing gloves. It also requires no initial setup. The unique smartLIGHT feature makes it quicker and easier to interpret blood glucose readings using coloured lights that clearly identify if the reading is above, within or below the target range. It has a 60 second count down screen that provides patients the opportunity to apply more blood to the same strip if the first sample is insufficient. The CONTOUR NEXT GEN has been shown to deliver remarkable accuracy within 10mg/dl.§

The Ascensia COUNTOUR NEXT GEN Blood Glucose Monitoring System Features:

  • Easy to use
  • High accuracy, within 10mg/dl.§
  • smartLIGHT for easier understanding of blood glucose levels
  • Can save test strips with Second-Chance® Sampling technology
  • Connects to the free CONTOUR®DIABETES app
  • CONTOUR NEXT GEN Blood Glucose Monitoring System

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