The Cook Melker Cricothyrotomy Special Ops Set is used for emergency airway access when conventional endotracheal intubation can't be performed. Airway access is achieved by standard wire-guided (Sedinger) technique via the cricothyroid membrane. Subsequent dilation of the tract and tracheal entrance site permits passage of the emergency airway. Catheter is cuffed to protect and control airway once placed. Airway catheter is radiopaque.

Special operations set is custom packaged in slip peelpouch design for easy transportation and combines 4 mm catheter with 6 mm catheter in one package, thereby reducing the number of kits needed in the field. Dilator is pre-inserted into the airway catheter. Special Ops Set includes two 18 gauge introducer needles, 5cm and 7cm.

Cook Melker Cricothyrotomy Special Ops Set Includes:

  • Cuffed Emergency Cricothyrotomy Catheter
  • Amplatz Extra-Stiff Wire Guide with Flexible Tip
  • Percutaneous Entry Needle
  • Curved Radiopaque Dilator
  • Disposable Scalpel
  • Syringe
  • Cook Melker Cricothyrotomy Special Ops Set

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