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The MedSource Decompression Needle is a deep-reaching catheter used in the treatment of tension pneumothorax. This needle features a rugged, hard shell case that protects the user from accidental needle stick injuries and ensures proper sterility of the device prior to use. A simple twisting motion unlocks the case for quick access. The needle has a contoured grip with a color-coded catheter hub for quick size identification and the catheter is made of sturdy rigid PTFE material with a triple-facet beveled needle.

The MedSource Decompression Needle Features:

  • Rugged case protects user from accidental needle stick and ensures sterility of the device prior to use
  • Contoured grip is easy to grip and hold onto during emergency procedure
  • Color-coded catheter hub
  • Strong catheter made of PTFE to withstand force of entry and maintain passage for relieving tension pneumothorax
  • Triple-facet, beveled needle

Decompression Needle

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