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When it comes to CPR, the quality and speed of each and every compression is critical. Defibtech Lifeline ARM is a mechanical solution to performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). The Lifeline ARM, with its intuitive user interface and automated operation, ensures effective CPR with compression depth and rate as recommended in current AHA/ERC guidelines. In an emergency situation, CPR efficacy is ensured, and the rescuer is freed for other interventions and tasks.

Defibtech Lifeline ARM Automated Chest Compression (ACC) device includes the Lifeline ARM, carrying case, battery, compression piston, three pads and charging cable.

Be it on the ground, in an ambulance cot, or at the hospital, the Lifeline ARM is your solution for uninterupted CPR.

The ARM has an extremely simplified user interface that merely requires the user to adjust the compression piston relative to the patient as chest and choose from two emergency response protocols to initiate CPR. Up/down buttons adjust the appropriate height for beginning compressions, and the operator may select between Run Continuous, which performs compressions continuously, or Run with Breaths, which follows the compressions-with-breaths protocol by pausing for the operator to give rescue breaths. Toggling between protocols is designed in, to accommodate your local resuscitation protocol. A Pause button stops compressions when running, or resumes compressions if stopped.

Any lifesaving technique is going to require a high level of excellence in its delivery during an emergency intervention. Such is the case with CPR, where the quality and speed of each and every compression is critical to a successful clinical outcome.

According to AHA/ERC guidelines, CPR requires maintaining 2 inches/5 cm depth compressions at a rate of 100 per minute. Such exactness is very difficult to do manually when fatigue can occur in as little as 1-2 minutes impacting efficacy. And the quality of the CPR is hard to maintain too. Frequent interruptions (e.g., defibrillation prep, breaths, monitoring, wounds, IVs), leaning, inadequate compression depths, and rates that are too slow or too fast can impact a victim as chances for survival.

The ARM helps ensure the high-quality and continuous CPR associated with better survival for cardiac arrest patients. Automated CPR also frees the rescuer for other interventions and tasks, and can be used while in a moving vehicle. The ARM has benefits for patients and the professional responders from many disciplines called to rescue them.

Defibtech Lifeline ARM Automated Chest Compression (ACC) Features:

  • State-of-the-Art compression module for consistent compression rate and depth
  • Real-time protocol selection with compressions only or compressions with rescue breathing
  • Simplified control panel requires only a two-step activation process
  • Easy to maintain and service with indicator light
  • Supports event capture and post-event data review via USB access
  • Long-runtime battery pack, offering fast charging and hot-swapping
  • Lightweight, rigid frame with single-piece design for structural integrity
  • Portable with high visibility colors for quick identification

Defibtech Lifeline ARM

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