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The Dynarex 83" 60 Drop/mL Admininistration Set has one injections site with a single luer lock connection site. The tubing in this product line features a latex-free, non-pyrogenic, and non-DEHP formula. These administration sets are not compatible with infusion pumps.

Dynarex 83" 60 Drop/mL Admininistration Set Features:

  • Sterile, individually packaged sets
  • Able to endure up to three hundred milliliters of Mercury pressure
  • Latex-Free, non-pyrogenic, and non-DEHP tubing
  • Not compatible with infusion pumps
  • (1) Injection Site
  • (1) Luer Lock Connection Site
  • 1
    Dynarex 10 and 60 drop sets.

    Jul 25th 2022

    We have trouble with these drop sets disconnecting from the iv extension hubs. Multiple medics and AEMT have reported this problem over the last month. We have ordered these twice and both times we have had problems with them.

Dynarex 83" 60 Drop/mL Admininistration Set

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