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The Physio-Control FilterLine; Set etCO2 Sampling Line and airway adapter is designed for intubated patients in short duration monitoring such as Pre-Hospital (emergency medical applications), hospital procedure rooms and transport.

The Physio-Control FilterLine; Set etCO2 Sampling Line Features:

  • 0.2 micron anti-bacterial filter prevents internal contamination of the CO2 module
  • Built-in water trap designed with a hydrophobic filter prevents moisture from entering the monitor while maintaining laminar flow and excellent waveforms
  • Airway adapters perform in any position
  • Unique 2-port channel design prevents clogging of FilterLine from moisture and secretions
  • Universal airway adapter for connections to both 15 mm and 22 mm endotracheal or tracheostomy tubes, ventilator circuits, closed suction systems, and other devices
  • For adult and pediatric patients

The patented family of FilterLine; Set etCO2 Sampling Lines is designed for use with Microstream enabled capnography monitors.

FilterLine Set etCO2 Sampling Line

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