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The Mercury Medical Flow-Safe II EZ Disposable CPAP System is a respiratory aid intended for use with a face mask, nebulizer and gas supplying device to elevate pressure in the patient's lungs while delivering aerosolized medication. The Flow-Safe II EZ conserves oxygen while maintaining high FiO2 delivery; it uses 50% less oxygen than the original model saving resources and presents a major advantage on long transports. Note that increasing flow may be necessary when activating the nebulizer.

Only the Flow-Safe II EZ system features a built-in manometer for verified pressure readings with no assembly of a separate apparatus. The pressure relief valve automatically adjusts to avoid excess pressure. Additionally, the Flow-Safe II EZ mask is lighter, easier to handle and is designed to form a better anatomical seal. The elastic head harness is easy-to-place with velcro straps that easily adjust for patient comfort.

The Flow-Safe II EZ is a CPAP and Nebulizer System in One.

  • Ideal for wherever CPAP therapy is appropriate
  • Pre-hospital or in-hospital use
  • Compact and easy to store with no extra parts
  • Color-coded manometer verifies delivered CPAP pressure
  • Includes an integrated nebulizer
  • Uses 50% less Oxygen consumption than the original Flow-Safe
  • Comfortable head harness with quick disconnect clips for easy access to patient's face
  • Forehead support reduces pressure on the nose and easily adjusts
  • Easy set up and training
  • Flow-Safe II EZ Disposable CPAP System

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