The McMurray Enhanced Airway (MEA) is a new distal pharyngeal airway (DPA) that can be used in multiple healthcare settings. The MEA is a fast and easy solution to stent open the pharyngeal tissue beyond the tongue. The MEA is designed to comfortably and safely maintain a patient as airway. This device was designed by an anesthesia professional to address the issues with current airway devices. The distal pharyngeal airway (DPA) is used to 1) open the airway, 2) supplement oxygenation during intubation, or 3) intraoral positive pressure ventilation. Helpful with obese, older, edentulous, bearded patients, or populations prone to rapid desaturation.

The MEA is an innovative multimodal airway designed to help improve safety, outcomes, provider satisfaction and reduce healthcare costs by improving patient ventilation. The MEA combines flexible and small-diameter tubing for ease of insertion with built-in features for oral use.

The McMurray Enhanced Airway Offers:

  • Lifts the redundant tissue off the distal pharynx to open the airway beyond the tongue
  • 15mm connector can connect to the manual resuscitator/BVM
  • Facilitates intraoral ventilation (IOV) with a BVM an easy means for positive pressure ventilation (PPV) while manually closing the nares and month. IOV reduces the amount of pressure needed to ventilate.
  • IOV is especially helpful in situations where mask ventilation, igel, or intubation is not possible due to inability to access the airway. The MEA can be placed in a minimal available working space.
  • Delivers oxygen directly into the pharynx
  • Delivers oxygen during intubation process when connected to the BVM- to decrease hypoxia
  • Elongated cushioned bite block to place between the molars to provide multiple sizing options, to keep the device in place and protect the oral cavity and teeth
  • No rotation, tongue depressor, or lubrication routinely needed to insert
  • Placed orally to eliminate the risk of nosebleeds
  • Provides a hands-off approach and eliminates the need for jaw thrust or chin-lift maneuvers
  • Easy to suction through
  • Individually-packaged, disposable

McMurray Enhanced Airway

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  • Easy to size

    Flange color corresponds to patient population that would typically use an oral airway of the same color
  • Case Quantity

    10 Units

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