The McMurray Enhanced Airway (MEA) is a new pharyngeal oral airway that can be used in multiple healthcare settings. The MEA is a fast and easy solution to stent open the pharyngeal tissue beyond the tongue. The MEA is designed to comfortably and safely maintain a patient as airway. This device was designed by an anesthesia professional to address the issues with current airway devices.

The McMurray Enhanced Airway Offers:

  • Soft, flexible material helps to eliminate sore, scratchy throats compared to the hard and rigid traditional oral airway
  • Longer, softer, and smaller in diameter compared to traditional oral airways, the MEA allows for a more comfortable method to eliminate an upper airway obstruction.
  • Decreases the need for a chin lift or jaw thrust, reducing postoperative chin and jaw discomfort
  • Increased ability to breathe with ease by eliminating upper airway obstruction
  • Easy to place alongside an upper endoscopy bite block
  • Provides a patent airway to improve patient oxygen saturation
  • By using the optional 15 mm connector with the anesthesia circuit, the longer airway delivers oxygen closer to the lungs and away from the surgical area, reducing fire risk
  • Large flange reduces risk of the airway dislodging
  • Elongated shock-absorbing bite block shifts the bite to the molars, decreasing risk of dental damage
  • Easy to insert, with no need for lubricant or tongue depressor
  • Decreases the need for a chin lift or jaw thrust, keeping providers' hands free for other tasks?

McMurray Enhanced Airway

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  • Easy to size

    Flange color corresponds to patient population that would typically use an oral airway of the same color
  • Case Quantity

    10 Units

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