The MED SPEC Prosplints Kit includes a full set of splints covering a range of limb injuries that could require immobilization. Prosplints were designed with the input of both EMT's and athletic trainers across the country to create the industry's most advanced splint line. At the scene of an accident, timing is critical and Prosplints® are simple to apply and help ease the patient's discomfort fast. The effectiveness of these splints has been proven in thousands of emergency applications.

With tight time restraints, splints need to be quick and easy to apply. MED SPEC Prosplints offers this and more at an economical price. This quality line of splints is value-priced, fitting even the tightest budgets.

MED SPEC Prosplints Kits Feature:

  • Fast application with complete hook & loop closure - no buckles or straps
  • Protection without bulk - uses exclusive Minicell foam which is thin and shock absorbent
  • Fewer components to carry because of a universal left and right design
  • Shadow free X-RAYS and is MRI compatible
  • Suitable for all weather conditions - the foldable, pliable materials are unaffected by extremes of hot and cold and are
  • 100% buoyant

Kits include:

  • Adult Prosplint Kit: 1 each of Large Leg, Small Leg, Large Arm, Small Arm, Adult Combo, Wrist/Forearm and Carrying Case
  • Pediatric Prosplint Kit: 1 each of Child Combo, Child Leg, Child Arm, Child Wrist/Forearm and Carrying Case
  • Combo Prosplint Kit: 1 each of Child Combo, Adult Combo, Child Leg, Small Leg, Large. Leg, Child Arm, Small Arm, Large Arm, Child Wrist/Forearm, Adult Wrist/Forearm, Carrying Case

MED SPEC Prosplints Extremity Kits

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