The microdot Code 69 Blood Glucose Monitoring Kit includes a Microdot meter, vial of 50 Code 69 strips, 5 lancets and anorange case. The meter and strips are pre-coded, meaning you do not need to code the meter every time you open a new vial of strips!

Developed to provide quality patient care, the Microdot Blood Glucose Monitoring System provides long-term care facilities and individuals with consistent and accurate results, convenience, speed, and safety. Microdot's advanced technology enables you to keep an eagle's eye on your blood sugar levels. It's low blood requirement (0.6 µl) combined with it's advanced features allows you to monitor your blood sugar wherever and whenever you want. So no more worrying about runaway glucose levels, with this watchdog around!

microdot Code 69 Blood Glucose Monitoring Kit Features:

  • Requires only 0.6uL sample making it less painful for diabetics
  • Large, easy to read display
  • Strip eject button provides safe and easy disposal of used test strips
  • Test results in 10 seconds
  • No code chip required
  • Common interfering substances do not compromise test results

microdot Code 69 Blood Glucose Monitoring Kit

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