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Microdot Code 69 Test Strips are pre-coded to work the the Microdot Code 69 Meter, requiring no manual coding for ease of use. Each microdot strip contains the enzyme glucose dehydrogenase (Bacillus Sp.) = 1 IU and other ingredients (mediator, NAD, lysing agents etc.) = 200 µg. The performance of microdot Test Strips has been evaluated both in laboratory and in clinical tests.The measurement range of the microdot System is 20 to 525 mg/dL. The accuracy of the microdot System was assessed by comparing blood glucose results obtained by 102 patients at one clinical center with those obtained using a YSI 2300 laboratory Instrument.

Microdot Code 69 Test Strips Feature:

  • Range tested 45 to 472 mg/dL
  • Slope 0.973 y-intercept 3.96 mg/dL
  • The performance of Microdot test strips has been evaluated both in laboratory and in clinical tests
  • Measurement range of the Microdot system is 1.2 to 29.2 mg/dL
  • Store between 50 and 86°F

Microdot Code 69 Test Strips, 50/vial

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