The Morgan Lens Irrigation System is a medical device that provides the most effective means of ocular (eye) irrigation to treat many eye injuries. The Morgan Lens provides continuous lavage to the cornea and conjunctiva, floating on the irrigating solution and never physically touching the cornea. The irrigating solution provides instant relief to chemical or thermal burns and removes non-embedded foreign materials in the eye.

The Morgan Lens is standard equipment in over 90% of hospital emergency rooms in the United States. It is widely used by physicians, nurses, paramedics, and other medical personnel because it delivers a continuous flow of solution to the injured eye within seconds, which frees medical staff to treat other injuries or to transport the patient without interruption.

Morgan Lens Irrigation System Features:

  • Provides ocular irrigation to treat many eye injuries
  • Widely used
  • The following equipment is recommended for bilateral eye irrigation using the Morgan Lens:

  • Two Morgan Lenses (part number MT2000-USA or MT6673-Outside-USA)-one per eye
  • Topical ocular anesthetic (if available)
  • One Morgan Lens Delivery Set (part number MT202)
  • Morgan Lens Irrigation System

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