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The Masimo NomoLine-O family of sampling lines shares all the advantages of NomoLine "no moisture" sampling technology with the addition of a single-twist luer connector. This addition delivers out-of-the-box compatibility with existing compatible third-party capnography devices- making conversion easy and efficient while reducing the costs associated with new monitoring equipment.

The Masimo NomoLine-O Features:

  • Patented moisture-wicking technology allows water evaporation from the sampling line
  • Hydrophobic bacterial filter prevents contamination of the gas analyzer
  • Uniquely designed sampling line allows for usage during low-flow and small sample-size applications
  • Ergonomically designed cannulas improve patient comfort
  • Star Lumen O2 delivery tubing allows for continuous, accurate O2 sampling and supply even if kinked
  • NomoLine-O LH Adult/Pediatric Airway Adapter Set

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