PediaTape is a color-coded, laminated, pediatric emergency tape. Quickly measure length and estimate weight with industry-standard color codes. Get exact mLs for the most common resuscitation medication concentrations. The color lengths are based on the US CDC 2007 NHANES Data Set and compatible with the most-recent Broselow Tape.

The PediaTape is not only wider, but only has print on one side. Now you can see all the information you need without having to flip back and forth!Equip your pediatric caregivers with the most flexible, up-to-date length-based pediatric tape solutions available with an improved Pediatric Color-coded Drug Dosing Tape.Length-based color-coded pediatric measuring systems, first introduced by Dr. James Broselow in the 1980s, are the international standard.PediaTape builds on the great work of Dr. Broselow and the familiar Broselow-Hinkle color coding but improves on the standard Broselow Tape in several important ways.

PediaTape Features:

  • No Math: Get drug concentrations in mLs, eliminating math on the fly.
  • Up-to-Date: The drug content is updated based on the most recent medical standards.
  • More Drugs: Get preparation and administration information for hundreds of drugs.
  • Put PEDIATAPE in Your Pocket
  • Tailor tape format fits easily in a pocket
  • Quick identification of patient length and color code
  • Easily washed for infection compliance
  • Ideal for use with today's mobile Broselow apps


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