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The Q Core Sapphire Multi-Therapy Infusion Pump is a complete solution for varied clinical uses in hospital, ambulatory and EMS settings. Offering outstanding performance, ease of use and reliability, Sapphire combines high-end volumetric infusion pump functionality with compact size and low weight.

Sapphire is based on a unique combination of patented Q Core Flow Control Technology, innovative hardware design, intuitive touch-screen and software control, and low total cost of ownership. With its robust design, easy maintenance and built-in adaptability to evolving requirements, Sapphire delivers medication infusion confidence now, and far into the future. This same technology powers a wide range of dedicated infusion pumps, creating a single-platform that answers all medical infusion needs.

The Q Core Sapphire advanced multi-therapy infusion pump is designed for PCA, TPN, Continuous, Piggyback, Intermittent and Epidural treatments.

Q Core Sapphire Multi-Therapy Infusion Pump Features:

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Highly customizable, with versatile programming options
  • Fast setup and programming
  • Extensive drug library capability with simple search feature
  • Approved for air and ground transport
  • Durable design with a small footprint
  • Long battery life, 24 hrs @ 125 mL/h Recharge time: up to 6 hrs
  • Reliable and cost-effective

Q Core Sapphire Multi-Therapy Infusion Pump

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  • Dimensions

    5.63" x 3.78" x 1.93"

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