Teach students the proper techniques to care for traumatic injuries with the Sim Limb Kit. This unique kit is a great choice for any "Stop the Bleed" class and offers opportunities to learn the principles of tourniquet application, wound packing, chest seal application and suturing. The kit includes an option to add simulated blood for realistic technique testing.

Sim Limb Kit Features:

  • Bullet wound canal is designed to replicate a 7.62 x 39 caliber bullet
  • Accommodates an entire 12' of compressed gauze packed into the wound canal
  • Bleeding squirt bottle offers hemorrhage simulation
  • Economical training kit
  • Suture training available at the base of the limb
  • Kit includes: Sim Limb, hard carry case, bleeding squirt bottle, compressed gauze
  • Sim Limb Kit

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