The Sonoline B Handheld Pocket Fetal Doppler employs the latest technology in Baby Heart Sound Listening. This amazing device allows the baby's heartbeat to be heard with reduced static. The back-lit LCD Screen displays the baby's heart rate (FHR), and an audible sound is heard in real-time from the built-in high-quality speaker. It has three built-in modes that allow the user to view the heart rate in different display modes. This heartbeat listener is suitable for use after the 12th week of pregnancy. This unit is equipped with an audio output for headphones or sound recorders. This is not a medical device and is sold as a baby heart sound listening tool for novelty purposes.

Sonoline B handheld audio baby heartbeat listening tool is the best quality equipment used by expectant mothers to hear and track their baby's heartbeat whenever they want, even when they are out and about! It is battery operated so it is fully portable and amazingly lightweight - with only 2xAA batteries required it can continuously run on for at least 10 hours.

The Sonoline B Handheld Pocket Fetal Doppler Features:

  • Real-time FHR display mode
  • Averaged FHR display mode and Manual mode
  • Battery status indicator
  • Built-in speaker
  • Output for headphones
  • 3-MHz Doppler Probe
  • Backlight LED screen
  • Auto shut off
  • Optional: Supports 2MHz,3MHz,4MHz,5MHz and 8MHz probes
  • Sonoline B Handheld Pocket Fetal Doppler

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