The STATForce DTRP Deluxe Trauma Response Pack features the supplies found in the TRP with the addition of additional products for airway management as well as advanced wound care. The DELUXE TRP comes in a trauma jump bag with ample room to keep supplies organized for easy access and speedy deployment. There is also plenty of room for adding additional supplies to the kit to customize it exactly to your needs and specifications.

STATForce DTRP Deluxe Trauma Response Pack Features:

  • Complete preparedness pack for operators who need to administer lifesaving care for the most severe injuries
  • Offers treamtment supplies for a wide range of injuries
  • WAR-E-RS Trauma Plus Bag is made of 1000 denier nylon material
  • Kit includes: WAR-E-RS Trauma Bag, (2) FOXSEAL Chest Seal, (2) Tension Pneumo Needle, (2) 28FR NPA w/ Lube Packet, (2) Celox RAPID Gauze, (2) SWAT-T Tourniquet, (2) 4" Emergency Bandage, (2) Abdominal Emergency Bandage, (2) Blood Stopping Bandage, (2) Petro Gauze, (2) Trauma Shears, (2) 1" Tape & (5) Pair Gloves.

    STATForce DTRP Deluxe Trauma Response Pack

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    • Bag Dimensions

      19" x 12.5" x 8.5"