In January of 1995 Fox Labs introduced another breakthrough product initially designed for law enforcement: Sudecon Decontaminant Wipes. Nothing in the world works like Sudecon . It has become the leader in aerosol defense spray aftercare because its a patented formula instantly strips chemical agents (OC, CS & CN) from the skin and stops the burning of the eyes and skin usually in 7 to 15 minutes or less! It does this without water and with the eyes closed! No other product in existence does this more thoroughly, more consistently or more safely than Sudecon . And no other product can claim or live up to these facts. This has been confirmed by tens of thousands of individuals and by numerous police academies, departments, agencies and the US Army. Now Sudecon is also being stocked and used within public schools, hospitals, fire departments, and EMS units. As with the Fox Premium Sprays, Sudecon is becoming legendary for its a reliability, quality and unsurpassed effectiveness.

Sudecon Decontaminant Wipes Feature:

  • Instantly decontaminates by lifting & removing chemical agents from the skin.
  • Spontaneously stops the burn while opening eyes and restoring vision usually in 7-15 minutes or less!
  • Unmatched effectiveness on all types of defense sprays: OC, CS, CN, OC/CS
  • Easy-to-use: just open towelette and wipe all affected areas.
  • Sudecon is a topical solution that is used on closed eyes.
  • NO need to force eyes open and spray them repeatedly like with other products.
  • Can be applied prior to training exposure a to reduce the effects of all types of defense sprays.
  • Field-proven by military, federal, state & local law enforcement, EMS and medical personal as the superior decontaminate to all other alternatives.
  • Easy-to-carry for quick access 3½" x 4" pouch opens to big 7.5" x 11.5" and can be conveniently carried on belt in glove pouch or in a shirt pocket.
  • Requires NO additional soap or water and contains all natural ingredients
  • Cleans-up leather gear, handcuffs, steering wheels, etc.
  • Sudecon reduces liability concerns in all areas
  • Environmentally safe: Patented formula is comprised of baby-type shampoo, sugar and water.
  • Non-toxic, non-flammable, non-irritating
  • We recommend no less than 2 wipes per person. It is better to have more than not enough.
  • Sudecon Decontamination Wipes

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