VOMEX offers an Emesis Bag that makes a distasteful event easier to address.

The traditional emesis bag market offers many variations into which one can vomit but none truly self-deploy like the Vomex emesis bag or are as safe, sanitary or easy use and then dispose.

With VOMEX you just POP, USE and DISPOSE!

Instructions for Use:

  • 1. Pull VOMEX emesis bag from paper sleeve.
  • 2. Allow for self-deployment.
  • 3. Place ribbon straps over patient's head; allow bag to hang from the neck.
  • 4. If patient is able, instruct them to lean forward. If unable, hold the bag upright for the patient.
  • 5. When patient is finished, tie straps tightly under the rim and dispose.
  • VOMEX Emesis Bag Features:

  • Easy to use
  • Sanitary
  • Disposable
  • VOMEX Emesis Bag

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