The AirLight Flash 8' Inflatable Light Tower is the most portable light tower in the world. In 30 seconds, the AirLight Flash inflates from 9 inches tall up to 8 feet, lighting up a 4,000 square foot area. The entire product weighs only 17 pounds and can fit easily in a trunk or on a shelf. Ready to go at a moment’s notice, the AirLight Flash auto-inflates to a full height of 8 feet once it's plugged into a power source

The AirLight Flash 8' Inflatable Light Tower Features:

  • Low weight and portability
  • Minimal Power consumption, draws less than 10 amps
  • Ease of deployment, no training required
  • Anti-glare due to frosted material construction
  • Can be operated in any weather for any length of time with no cool down period required
  • Air sleeve can be replaced if damaged, and is also machine washable-not dryable
  • Can be run easily from a standard 400 watt inverter in a response vehicle
  • Optional Receiver Hitch Mount slides into the receiver on a vehicle eliminating the need for any guy ropes during operation and ease of transport (sold separately)
  • Units function perfectly in wind speeds from 20-30mph. Simply anchor the case or attach to vehicle for wind speeds up to 65mph

AirLight Flash 8' Inflatable Light Tower

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  • Dimensions

    18" Diameter x 8' Height
  • Footprint

    18” x 18” x 9” tall
  • Lumens

  • Weight

    17 lbs
  • Wattage

  • Voltage

    120V AC