The Life-Stat 1008 Automated CPR Machine provides consistent CPR support for cardiac arrest patients under conditions which might otherwise hinder the effectiveness of manual techniques. The Life-Stat performs two modes of CPR support in conformance with AHA CPR guidelines. In either mode, compressions are delivered at a frequency of 100 or 120 per minute*.

The Life-Stat is a mechanical “automatic” CPR device that can be set up in seconds. The chest compressor is powered by compressed Oxygen while timing is controlled by a 9V electronic circuit. The device is electrically insulated, allowing it to be freely and safely used in conjunction with routine patient monitoring, external pacing and defibrillation procedures. The Life-Stat, once correctly applied over the patient’s sternum, is designed to measure the patient’s anterior-posterior (A-P) chest diameter and deliver the equivalent sternal deflection of 20% of that diameter.

The Life-Stat 1008 Automated CPR Machine Features:

  • Fits larger patients : Can accommodate larger patients than other devices on the market
  • Varied compression depth: The compression depth for each patient is clearly shown on the unit (based on the patient’s A-P chest diameter)
  • Meets AHA 2015 guidelines
  • Built-in ventilator: The only device on the market to offer built-in ventilation, allowing first responders and doctors to focus on other important resuscitation procedures.
  • Improved access to the patient: There’s no need to work around people providing chest compressions (and breaths). If necessary, mechanical CPR can be paused and resumed with a push of a button, maintaining nearly complete access to the patient throughout the resuscitation effort. Our devices were engineered with a “C” arm design, providing more access to the patient than other wrap-around or enclosed models.
  • Value: Low acquisition cost and a very low ongoing cost of ownership.
  • Model weighs: 19.5 lbs.

Life-Stat 1008 Automated CPR Machine

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