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The Medsource Capnography CO2/O2 Oral/Nasal Cannula's allow for ETCO₂ sampling with simultaneous oxygen delivery. These cannulas and accessories are fully compatible with Capnograph Patient Monitoring Systems.

Sampling of ETCO2 in exhaled respiratory gases allows for healthcare workers to assess adequacy of patient perfusion, ventilation and oxygenation in patients receiving critical care. These cannulas pair with Capnograph Sidestream Monitering Systems and come in a variety of configurations to meet hospital, acute care and prehospital ETCO2 monitoring needs.

The Medsource Capnography CO2/O2 Oral/Nasal Cannulas Feature:

  • Dip molded PVC nasal cannula and oral scoop
  • Reflective orange connector
  • 7’ of kink resistant tubing
  • Pair with any sidestream monitor (low flow 50ml/min)
  • PVC material not made with DEHP
  • Latex Free

Medsource Capnography CO2/O2 Oral/Nasal Cannula

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