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The Pneumeric Capnospot Pneumo Decompression Indicator is a novel visual detection device for needle thoracostomy. This device provides immediate visual feedback that the needle decompression was successful with a binary "yes" or "no" that removes operator subjectivity and is supported by clinical data.


Rapid, efficient, visual detection of needle placement will lead to fewer fatalities and become the new gold standard of care.

How will this become the new standard of care? 

  • The current Gold Standard - “An auditory gush of air” and clinical judgment often fails in noisy prehospital environments
  • Ultrasound; doesn’t fit the environment, equipment is bulky, expensive, and requires operator experience
  • Aspiration; Unreliable, could be room air, additional equipment, or operator expertise required
  • Capnography – currently used during anesthesia, intensive care, and the prehospital setting
  • Colorimetric Capnography is applicable to the detection of CO2 outside of the hospital, paramedics familiar with technology, used every day for endotracheal intubation
  • Colorimetric Capnography:  Allows visual detection of CO2 in the decompressed pneumothorax air and immediately indicates successful therapy.
  • Lightweight, portable = fits the environment, and familiar to users

The Pneumeric Capnospot Pneumo Decompression Indicator Features:

  • Provides immediate visual feedback that needle decompression was successful
  • Binary “yes” or “no” removes operator subjectivity
  • Lightweight, portable, real-time confirmatory color change
  • Initially designed and developed at a leading healthcare organization
  • Clinical data demonstrates higher accuracy than clinical judgment alone

Pneumeric Capnospot Pneumo Decompression Indicator

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