Dynarex Resp-02 Suction Catheter Kit - Sterile are designed to safely and effectively remove secretions from the respiratory tracts of tracheostomy patients with maximum efficiency and minimal trauma. The catheter is constructed from soft, flexible vinyl material that’s gentle on patients’ delicate mucosal tissue—yet firm enough to allow for full catheter rotation and more effective suctioning. Each disposable catheter is sterile and includes a vented control valve for greater precision. Kits include a convenient pop-up basin to hold irrigation fluids and a pair of powder-free vinyl exam gloves.

Dynarex Resp-02 Suction Catheter Kit - Sterile Features:

  • Kit includes pop-up basin and exam gloves for added convenience
  • Soft, pliable catheter with beveled tip provides optimal patient comfort
  • Vented cap with control valve allows for greater procedural control
  • Catheter tip is designed with 2 staggered eyelet openings for maximum suctioning efficiency
  • Catheter features easy-to-read depth-number markings
  • Sterile, single-patient use
  • Not made with natural rubber latex or DEHP
  • Resp-02 Suction Catheter Kit - Sterile

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