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The Rusch Manual Resuscitation Bag comes fully assembled and is designed to provide quality, durability and dependability during emergency situations. Designed for the pre-hospital market, the Manual Resuscitator offers robust construction and is fully collapsible for easy and convenient storage.

Rusch Manual Resuscitation Bag Features:

  • Clear, flexible cushion face mask allows for easy patient visualization
  • Textured bag for a sure, comfortable grip
  • Non-rebreathing valve that directs exhaled gas away from clinician
  • Swivel patient connector 15 mm ID; 22 mm OD
  • Device not made with natural rubber latex
  • Integrated PEEP connection, no adaptor necessary, PEEP valve available separately

Rusch Manual Resuscitation Bag

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  • Approx. Bag Volume

    Adult: 1500ml /Pediatric: 900ml /Infant: 320ml
  • Average Stroke Volume 1 Hand

    Adult & Pediatric: 600ml / Infant 250ml
  • Average Stroke Volume 2 Hand

    Adult: 975ml /Pediatric: 690ml /Infant: 300ml
  • Case Quantity

    6 Units

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