TRUE METRIX PRO Test Strips feature triple sense technology with no coding requirements for proven accuracy. Advanced technologies – the meter, a complex algorithm, chemistry and electrodes on the test strip work together as part of the TRUE METRIX PRO system to produce accurate results.

TRUE METRIX PRO Test Strips Feature:

  • Compatible with TRUE METRIX PRO System Glucometer
  • An electrode pair on the test strip detects hematocrit
  • An internal unit in the meter detects temperature
  • System triggers proper fill detection eliminating errors due to improper sample size Control
  • Detects control solution and automatically identifies results in memory for accurate data trending
  • Every system analyzes the testing environment for hematocrit and temperature, which could impact or influence the accuracy of results
  • Testing outside of specified operating temperature range is marked by an error code – eliminating incorrect results
  • Employs a Proprietary Dynamic Adaptive Algorithm, which incorporates:
    • Active hematocrit correction
    • Temperature compensationon the testing environment

TRUE METRIX PRO Test Strips, 50/vial

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