TheVentFLO ETCO2 Cannula delivers oxygen while capturing an end tidal gas sample, even with simultaneous insufflation of oxygen. This ETCO2 cannula also features a bright orange reflective style connector with in-line filter, compatible with Microstream, Capnostream, and Oridion capnography monitors.

The VentFLO ETCO2 Cannula Features:

  • Reflective style connector with hygroscopic filter inside helps minimize moisture from being pulled into the monitor at the sampling port
  • Compatible with Microstream, Capnostream and Oridion capnography monitors
  • Dual nasal cannula simultaneously provides oxygen to both nostrils while obtaining CO2 sampling during spontaneous breathing
  • Designed prevent mixing of fresh oxygen with CO2
  • Soft-Ears material helps ensure superior patient comfort, even during prolonged use
  • 3-Channel tubing designed to help prevent kinking
  • Fits-All O2 connector comes standard on all sizes and lengths

VentFLO Adult ETCO2/O2 Oral/Nasal Cannula

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