The Best of the Best in EMS Supplies: Customer Picks in Airway Management

Feb 1st 2024

Choosing the right EMS supplies can be a complicated undertaking involving department regulations, current medical standards, tradition, and, of course, budget. Make the choice a little easier with a special selection of QuadMed’s best-selling airway management supplies of the year, including ResuscitatorsLaryngeal MasksSuction Units, and CPAP Masks.

Resuscitators and Bag Valve Masks

Ambu SPUR II - Disposable Resuscitator

Manual Resuscitators, also known as Bag Valve Masks (BVMS) are vital in providing ventilation to patients in emergency scenarios. Ambu’s Spur II Disposable Resuscitator shows not only their heritage in the industry but also their commitment to progressive innovation. The Spur II features a Safe Grip textured surface with an integrated handle and offers a thin, responsive bag design that provides optimal stroke volume and recoil timing. Unlike most BVMs, the Spur II is made of SEBS polymer, a more environmentally-friendly alternative to PVC. Ambu’s BVM is available in adult and pediatric bag sizes and a manometer, PEEP, and EtCO2 are offered as available accessories. The Mercury Medical Small Adult CPR-2 Bag is designed specifically to meet the needs of pediatric and petit adult patients by delivering reduced tidal volume. The adult-sized version of this bag reduces the maximum volume from 1685mL of a standard bag to 1000mL, with further proportional reductions of maximum volume for pediatric and infant-sized bags. The Mercury Medical Small Adult CPR-2 Bag is available with optional accessories including LiteSaver or standard manometer, pop-off valve, PEEP, or Mini StatCO2. The Laerdal Bag II has a versatile design with a 360⁰ swivel that allows it to be used at any angle, while a handle offers a superior grip. A closed-system oxygen reservoir with universal star-lumen oxygen tubing is also included for direct connection to an oxygen source. A pop-off valve is included in the child and infant models. Always be ready to provide emergency ventilation for patients of any size or age with QuadMed’s selection of manual resuscitators.

Laryngeal Masks

Ambu King LTS-D Disposable Laryngeal Tube Kit

Often used as an alternative to traditional intubation, Laryngeal Masks or Supraglottic Airways are also useful for patients for whom it is difficult to form an adequate seal with a standard face mask. The Ambu King LTS-D Airway provides patient ventilation with positive seal pressure. This airway includes a single inflation port to seal in the esophagus and oropharynx; it also features a suction port with gastric access. The convenient kit includes everything necessary for use including the airway, a syringe, and lubricant. The Intersurgical i-gel Resus Pack has been designed for the physiology of the perilaryngeal anatomy and eliminates the need for manual inflation. The unique cuff design in the i-gel is made of a soft, gel-like material that allows for rapid, easy, and consistent insertion of the airway, which accurately and naturally positions itself over the laryngeal framework. Our most popular option for this airway is the i-gel Resus Pack, which includes the airway, support strap, lubricant, and suction tube. This pack is available in adult sizes, but the i-gel airway is also available separately in pediatric sizes with the support straps also available separately. Although only recently released the SunMed Air-Q SP3G Intubating Laryngeal Airway is quickly becoming a best seller. The most recent addition to their innovative Air-Q line, the SP3G features an all-silicone, self-pressurizing design. This unique airway features an innovative ET tube ramp with an epiglottis elevator and includes gastric access. The SunMed Air-Q SP3G Intubating Laryngeal Airway is available in a full range of adult and pediatric sizes. Laryngeal Masks are a vital part of any emergency medical team’s airway management kit and these examples are just a few of QuadMed’s bestselling products.

Suction Units

SSCOR S-SCORT III Portable Suction Unit

Of course, securing the airway properly isn’t possible if the airway isn’t clear of obstruction. Removing obstructions from the airway like fluid, mucus, or emesis is vital before insertion of the airway and while this can be done with the use of a manual suction device, many EMS units are turning to portable Suction Units for their increased power and efficiency. Reliability, efficiency, and portability are key elements when choosing the right unit for an ambulance and this selection of QuadMed’s top-selling suction units offers the perfect mix. The SSCOR S-Scort III Portable Suction Unit is a versatile unit designed specifically for EMS use with power and efficiency. This suction unit delivers greater than 30 LPM clinical flow and has a two-position vacuum regulator with a variable power option allowing it to be used at with 525 mmHg rates for standard operation with adult patients, or at a reduced rate of 120 mmHg for pediatric patients, or during endotracheal procedures. This unit is battery-operated and can be recharged through an AC/DC charger, or with a DC power cord. The Laerdal Compact Suction Unit 4 (LCSU 4) is a perfect choice for those with storage constraints, or who want an ultra-portable option. The LCSU is available with either a 300 or 800ml canister and offers variable vacuum suction from 50 - 550+ mmHg allowing it to be used on both pediatric and adult patients. The 300ml canister option uses a unique click-in-place design that eliminates the need for an extra suction tube between the unit and the canister. For the 800mL design, a wire bracket is used to hold the canister in place with a traditional tubing setup. The Laerdal Compact Suction Unit 4 operates on battery power and may also be run on a DC power cord with AC/DC battery charging. The Drive DeVilbiss 7305 Series Suction Unit is a compact, yet powerful unit that operates at vacuum ranges of 80-550mmHg and is suitable for pediatric and adult patients. This unit weighs about six pounds with a standard 800mL canister and also has an optional 1200mL canister option. The 7305 Series offers battery operation and is equipped with a switch mode power supply allowing operation on any AC voltage. A powered suction unit allows for greater efficiency and efficacy in clearing the patient’s airway and offers greater versatility for any emergency medical team and these bestselling suction units offer a full range of options.

CPAP Products

Mercury Medical Flow-Safe II EZ Disposable CPAP System

Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) has become a standard treatment methodology for patients in respiratory distress; for EMS teams, these systems are designed with a wide range of disposable mask sizes, standard or bi-level designs, and many feature built-in or adapter access for a nebulizer, as well as a B/V filter. The Mercury Medical Flow-Safe II EZ Disposable CPAP System offers an all-in-one design with a CPAP mask an integrated nebulizer and a color-coded manometer. The design of the Flow-Safe II also uses 50% less oxygen while maintaining a high FiO2 delivery, although oxygen consumption during the use of the nebulizer may increase. The O-Two Single-Use Open Circuit CPAP with Nebulizer provides accurate CPAP delivery for such a compact device. By minimizing the pressure drop on inspiration and the peak pressure on expiration, the O-Two single-use open CPAP delivery system produces a more uniform CPAP pressure throughout the respiratory cycle. This provides a lower work of breathing for the patient when compared to other, commonly used, prehospital devices. This system is available in pediatric and adult sizes and features an attached nebulizer. The Pulmodyne O2-MAX (Guard) 3-Set O2-CPAP with Nebulizer offers filtered inhalation and exhalation with a bacterial efficiency of 99.9992% and viral efficiency of 99.997%. The O2-Max also features a closed-circuit nebulizer with a needleless entry port. A 3-set adjustable PEEP is also included on this mask, which is available for adult patients. QuadMed offers a full range of CPAP Masks with or without an included nebulizer for efficient care of patients by EMS teams.

QuadMed has a full selection of EMS supplies designed specifically to meet the needs of medical teams operating in the difficult and variable conditions present in pre-hospital scenarios. The selection of airway management supplies included showcase just a few best-selling products in BVMs, laryngeal masks, airways, suction units, and CPAP masks.